Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seems I might have been able to post a photo of my newphew Colin and AnnaLeisa from this morning. She is so sweet to play with... giggles and really just curious and making leaps and bounds daily in her learning curve and her experience of her very changed world. Colin has been extraordinary with helping the two of us. I could not have done it without he and my folks.
AnnaLeisa went to Grandpa today and hugged him spontaneously and that is big! She will play with all three and is more than happy to be with us all but to me for the 'Mothering' things. It is nice. Noone could have prepared me for this trip and for motherhood. My goodness it is all much in terms of my learning curve too.
So we are well and this part of the journey is fast ending. I expect that Mom and I will take time to settle AnnaLeisa with the jetlag shift but my girl is an extrovert and I think we can have visitors soon upon our return.
I cannot wait for everyone to meet her!
I am sure she will change your world too.
The five of us shopped today and had a blast at a local market.
Again much love.

AnnaLeisa dear you are a little flower and everyday I get to know you more. You are a wide range of much my angel and my only plan is to help you grow and broaden into all that you can be. You light up the room with your delighted smile and you throaty laugh.
night all
see you soon!


Gilda & Wayne said...

Hello Karla! I just figured out how to get on this blog and am SO happy for you! What an experience to say the least. There is no doubt you will be a wonderful mother. Our thoughts are with you. Can't wait to meet AnnaLeisa. Hi to your folks. Love Gilda & Wayne

Daryl said...

Hi Karla,

We keep looking for your entries and always happy to see them, the pictures, and to hear that you, AnnaLesia, Colin, GPa and GMa are doing so well. Hoping that the remainder of your China stay is great and your travels are smooth. We look forward to talking to you upon your return to home. So much is happening for you; we share your excitement from afar.

Love Daryl & Julie

Zizi said...

Dear two of you! what a delight to see you. I can't wait to meet Anna Leisa and i'm of course excited that you say that might be even soon! She really does look so well. Just a little sunshine, from what you show us in the pictures. I truly am happy for both of you.

lots of love ~ Zizi

Linda said...

Great photos! She certainly has the look of a Leizhou girl. Lovely! Sounds like a great "Beijing Honeymoon" (well, it was that for me---after day 3 life just keeps getting better, and we won't talk about jetlag later!)

And if you are looking for an interesting restaurant, there's fabulous Tibetan one near the consolates -- Makye Ame, I think it's called?

Looking forward to meeting our newest Leizhou little sis! (And we have some news regarding ours -- I've emailed you with photo and details).

Happy travels!
Linda and Xian and (???)