Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look at You!

Daily you take me to new depths and this week we have returned to China and your roots far sooner than I imagined. We have read some books from the library that depict little girls and their journey from orphanages in China. You want to look at them regularly and you have me read them over and over; especially the sections with pictures of nannies looking after all the babies in their cribs. You take your doll and cuddle her saying you are her nanny. And we look at all our photos from China; your nannies and when you and I met. You can point to a map and tell me where your home was and you say it with such pride. I had no idea how soon we would be chatting about your roots and your journey. I love that you are engaged so much and with such true enthusiasm towards your homeland; we will visit again AnnaLeisa.

And tonight I giggle at your emerging imagination as you drag your computer keyboard around the house by the cord as it is now a dog. You give clear commands to "sit" and to "tum". You are now asleep with the keyboard lying beside you - where all pets should be.

And you also spoke your first 4 word sentence much to G'pa's delight. "Tuming, Papa, soon, happy".

Yes... you are my dearest ..... dear dear girl. Sleep well.