Wednesday, October 18, 2006

off to our new hotel!

Here is G'ma and G'pa with AnnaLeisa! We are all pretty tight now. AnnaLeisa is sick today with a cold and constipation so not so happy and we have to check out at noon and not get to our new hotel until this evening. Not a good day all in all and tomorrow the dreaded flight. Wish us luck. We are all tired and ready to come home. Except Colin... he is having a blast and I am happy about that.
so until Canada our love.

She is great and matching us in our fatigue.

home sweet home....
how cold is it?


Mommy-To-Channing said...

Hope your trip home is smooth with little one!! Safe travels and Canada WELCOMES AnnaLeisa with open arms!!

Linda Laidlaw said...

Current Edmonton weather report: O, with a projected high of 7, low of minus 4. We've had the first snow (already gone) and it's been sort of cloudy/rainy/dampish. Probably wise to bundle up for the Edmonton airport! Hope you can rest up before travel -- stay healthy!!

Linda -- replying from my "course instructor account" at the university

gsonic said...

Hey AnnaLeisa. I am sure you will have a safe but eventful trip home with G'ma, G'Pa, Mom and Colin. Enjoy the last day of this stage of your adventure.

Can't wait to see you. Love to all.

chinamah said...

Dear Karla & AnnaLeisa
We're so looking forward to seeing you. Really excited. The plane ride might not be as bad as you imagine. Sometimes the little ones sleep and we can too! But it is a long haul across the Pacific...
We'll have such fun getting to know the wee girl. Bao is keen to be a big sister.
We're trying NOT to drop in after you get home from the airport. But Bao's piano class schedule places us near your house en route home about the time you arrive on your doorstep. So you may find us waving from the front lawn as you settle in. Just ignore us if you're tired. Tell AnnaLeisa, we're locals let out for the evening!!
love Janice & Bao

Shelley said...

Hi! Have just read all of your messages on this; an amazing journey. Hope everything is working out well...she is beautiful!