Sunday, March 01, 2009

catching up ! Whoops

Seems I have posted two of our little Christmas crafts but alas I will keep them there as I have no idea how to delete. You would think winter has passed quickly based on my lack of posting but it has been slow and hard. AnnaLeisa had a week of RSV - fevers, respiratory symptoms, no appetite and then an ear infection. No sooner did she return to daycare when I devleoped influenza A. Terrible and thank heavens for friends taking her to daycare, grocery shopping for us and generally allowing me to be ill. It was a slog. Welcome to the harsh realities of single parenting. The blessing was we were not sick at the same time and that she did not devlope my flu. And can I say enough about homeopathy and remedies that kept us out of emergency rooms. Thank you thank you Laurie!!! Christmas was great as you can see. Such a time for little 3 year old hearts. Joy and delight. And how do you keep the number of gifts to something reasonable. Do all mothers say "next year I will keep it to a minimum"?