Friday, February 16, 2007

Camera news...

There was a tantalizing string hanging from the table and of course AnnaLeisa pulled on it! Who wouldn't? So it was attached to my camera.... it is now in for an estimate and possible repairs...
This week end is Chinese New Year and we are moving into the year of the pig. So I will purchase a disposable camera and try to post AnnaLeisa's picture from our Dim Sum celebration on Sunday. P.S. She is great!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

our new look! to cut or not to cut?

Well as you can see our girl is growing rapidly and continues to shock me with her new realms. She comprehends pretty much everything I say to her and is now saying new words daily. Including "no, no, no, no "repetitively! She has me laughing outright frequently. The other day we were in the mall and I attempted to find some hair products for her long bangs and this was one touted item. I was laughing so loud in the mall as she cruised down the hall. Well, as you can see, it is so cute and so AnnaLeisa in terms of her persona....... and her mothers... not so adept at the girly things. The barretts were even more askew. But I also realized few of our blog photos show her smile and her joy. Her sense of humor is also growing daily.

On a positive and long awaited note we slept the last two nights for 6 consecutive hours and that has been the first! Hurrah! She still has small itchy sores which we now attribute to "post scabies pustulosis". Certainly not anticipated as I had never heard of them .... and they apparently are here for awhile... but otherwise her skin is fantasitic.

I love her dearly and am so happy.... we are active and at the library or playgroups and she remains an extrovert with a close eye out for Moma.

What can I say...... she's my girl! My little warrior.