Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's all about sleep!

And a lack thereof... this is my girl settling and relaxing taking time to rejuventate. And me ...well last night we woke twice and I felt as though I had my best sleep yet. And for the first time since I was about 8 years old I am in bed and asleep by 0900 hoping to get 6 consecutive hours of deep sleep. AnnaLeisa wakes frequently through the night in our bed to open her little arms and ask for a cuddle. I invite her into my arms only to have her promptly fall asleep with an elbow in my trachea ... or to roll off and to ask again with open arms for me to enfold her. Well what can one say! It has been a process of me allowing her and also very very gently saying no and letting her settle next to me versus on!
We are getting there... little cherub wakes in the middle of the night to give kisses either to myself or to the teddy.

Last night I snuggled into bed next to her and listened to her soft breathing and marveled that she was to me. It really can move you to wonder and love so quickly. AnnaLeisa being trusting and being cozy to the extent that she can at this point in time. Really I still marvel. The days can be long and somewhat housebound in minus 28 degrees C but all in all we are great. She is here .... and she is sleeping and soon I will get more.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Home Three weeks today!

Whew... Time has an amazing way of changing and moving and standing still.... Really three weeks!
Mom has now returned to Nova Scotia with a full heart and many photos of our girl. And I miss our tag-team venture. Gary, my brother and Colin's father has also come and had AnnaLeisa giggling most of the time. They had quite a time connecting with many laughs. I had a shower and a nap!
And I am now alone with her in our little abode with dogs and much snow. Today I caught her feeding Lola and Kirby from her booster chair. Now they love her!!
We are still getting to know each other and every now and then I can see a question in her eyes as to whether I am staying....
It has been a significant shift for both of us to be together and we are taking day by day in terms of finding a routine. We still do not quite have our groove.....
Last week we went to two playgroups as I love to get out, to not be housebound in the winter snow.

I was an elderly woman in the first and felt quite conspicuous. AnnaLeisa was also somewhat tentative but then quickly warmed up to all the push toys.
Then the next day we trouped off to a Mandarin speaking playgroup for Chinese students and their families. I loved it and will go regularly. I know it to be good for AnnaLeisa to have exposure to her culture and I loved the women's genuine kindness. It was so cute to see AnnaLeisa at the table eating with all the children. Next time I will bring a camera.....
So we are well enjoying our friends who drop by and sometimes with wonderful thoughtful food....
Thank you.....