Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Great Wall and AnnaLeisa

It is now Sunday evening and I cannot begin to relay everything has been so much!
Today we traveled to the Great Wall and had a great time. AnnaLeisa is a combination of many things.... she loves to be engaged and to connect so is best outdoors and being with life ... and she is very shy to strangers also. So we trooped with her in my snuggly and wandered amidst many many people.
She is a real delight and is so connected to me it is amazing. We are a team already. At this point she will go to noone else so my shoulders and body are aching as she is strong and very very active. And I love having her close.
And I think she is the only one I have met who chortles. Really her giggle is so infectious. Everyone is tired but good and all the babies and parents are adjusting.

Tomorrow I am up early in the am to take her to the medical appointment and I am sure she will pass with gold stars.
Mom, Dad and Colin are brilliant and such a help. Tomorrow they go to the Beijing Zoo and to the Chinese Acrobats and I will stay home to relax.
I cannot believe we leave Fri.
I send my love and then some....
It is a wonder to see these girls flower ...
I feel such a love for this little girl and we are still learning about each other and have not yet been together a week!
Last night she slept her first night through with only waking once for consoling and I think she is starting to relax and to settle a little bit.


Ann said...

Congrats on your daughter. I found your blog through a blog through a blog(you know how that goes) IT sounds like she is a real delight!!!

lars said...

Hi Karla. Hi AnnaLeisa.

It is lovely to see pictures of the two of you and to hear that all is well - you both look great. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Lars

Zizi said...

Dear Karla and AnnaLeisa! You both look so good! so shiny and happy together. Wow.
I can hardly wait to see you. Meanwhile thinking of you, warmly...
kisses ~ zizi

gsonic said...

Love getting the news and updates on your life-changing adventure. The pictures are great: AnnaLeisa, you're beautiful and Karla, you manage to look rested.

All our love here from Di, Derek and Brett. Give our best to G'ma and G'Pa and Colin.

I'll see you both in Edmonton in a few weeks (Nov 6). Can't wait.


Norma said...

Your daughter looks very sweet. I think one of the greatest things, when I get my daughter, will be to feel her arms around my neck and hear the word "mama" - I'm sure you are enjoying that now. Is AnnaLeisa able to say "mama" already?

Liam & Sherry said...

Congratulations Karla and AnnaLeisa

Wonderful to see everything progressing so smoothly for you both. We hope that continues for you when you get home. I'm sure you will have every success. Have a wonderful and safe trip in China and back home

Liam and Sherry-Lou
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