Thursday, October 09, 2008

Autumn New Moon Festival

The New Moon Festival was on Sept 14th this year and a group of us went for Dim Sum to a local favorite. It was nice to have some noodles, dumplings and chat. We also remembered the spirit of the holiday through a Chinese connection who was able to send AnnaLeisa's orphanage some New Moon Cakes. It seemed a nice idea to let the nannies know that we think of them highly and are grateful. Also that we consider them AnnaLeisa's ancestors. The orphanage then sent us back a photo; I was excited as I thought it would be a photo of them but it was a photo of our present. I was pleased to hear back and surprised. We included a picture of AnnaLeisa and myself so they could see us in our joy.
Again we thank them.....

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fog and friends

Nice to beach it at the places Derek and Colin were Lifeguarding. We felt quite cared for. The water was remarkably warm for this coast and time of year so we could jump in and play for lengths of time. AnnaLeisa was too frightened to go near the water and fair enough. Interesting to see all the other children who are so accustomed to the surf play in the vigorous waves. Maybe next year? I love the coast and the sea and the intensity. It is the place to be for me in the summer. And we had some time with AnnaLeisa on Grandpa's boat. The one of many many lakes in the metro area.

A Very Belated Post -

Gosh we are Late with this post and it is so worthy of putting online. We had a marvelous time in Nova Scotia for 3 weeks this summer. Mom and Dad arranged for us to spend some wonderful family time in a cottage on the South Shore near Peggy's Cove. You can see the glorious rocks and stones .... and for those of you that know AnnaLeisa that is truly her medium.

I will post a series of shots so you can see family and how much AnnaLeisa had grown and changed from the previous summer. We love going 'home' and spending time in Nova Scotia with family. Thanks everyone!