Friday, January 25, 2008

A photo shoot!

We quickly ran into Sears to have a photography session late in November so that we could send some nice Christmas presents to our family and friends. I was very sceptical, both in terms of the final quality, and also whether AnnaLeisa would be able to sit and engage. Well were we impressed! The black shoes dominated the dress photo but the Chinese outfit won hands down.
She had a lovely time with the young photographer and she was able to "catch" AnnaLeisa in many many ways. We were thrilled and so were the receivers. I have been remiss in terms of finally posting them and as you can imagine she is already changed and new again. She bursts forward again and again and I love every little stage. She is talking away... singing constantly and plays with full force.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Hairstylist? or the Doctor? Or Nurse?

AnnaLeisa is having fun exploring her vocation. I'd say she has some interesting clientele - (Especially the guy with no hair!). Some days I think she will be a musical prodigy; others have me quite concerned that I am going to be a "hockey mom" in the bleachers screaming. Whatever, her imagination is quite intact and her range in terms of the gender gap is healthy. Today she mentioned she is a boy.... so each day brings new surprises and the new year has begun. Happy New Year to everyone! From us......