Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our Wonderful Quilt!

We have a wonderful tradition with my fellow colleagues to create a quilt for members who are either leaving, getting married or having a child. We get together and cooperatively make a personalized quilt for the team member. It usually occurs over time with one evening where we come together and chat and sew and drink a little wine. (After the finer details have been completed!). It is a wonderful tradition and has created a bond such as I have not known in any other work setting.

Before I left for Nova Scotia holidays the girls gave AnnaLeisa and I a shower and we were presented with our own unique quilt. It was taken from the first page insert of a book entitled

"The Great Race" by David Bouchard. It won the Canadian Children's Book Center Choice Award and is essentially a book detailing how the Chinese Astrology came to be! The paintings are wonderful and the animals beautifully presented.
We both love the quilt and the book and the quilt is now in my car as I proudly take it on our travels to show off. Soon it will be hanging in AnnaLeisa's bedroom - that is if she lets go of it!
A special thanks to Pat who has been the creative and life force behind the projects!
I love our quilt!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Our Christmas past!

Here is AnnaLeisa with her cousins Brett and Derek (Colin's brothers). She was loved up and loved up! So wonderful to see her joy!
And the family photos is the first of all of us together! What a year this has been dear daughter!

Our Christmas was somewhat tainted but trips to the doctor, the Children's emergency room and finally an emergency dermatologist apt here in Nova Scotia. AnnaLeisa has developed a rash that became progressively worse to the point where she would scream and dig and her mom and her would both be crying in the night. The GP recommended a scabies treatment that would supposedly make the itch worse. Well it did and in the night Grandma and I took her to emerg for relief. At this point they said it was not scabies and made a referral to a derm. specialist. Who then said that she could not say it was not scabies.... so a retreatment. And creams and creams... for the dermatitis that could have been caused by too many changes..... internally and externally the weather has seen dramatic shifts.

So the long and short of it is that AnnaLeisa is now back to sleeping on Moma's chest as that is when she settles and has relief. Full circle and into co-sleeping again.

She has been brilliant in all of this! And we are more bonded than ever. So hopefully our return to Edmonton on the 11th will be less dramatic in terms of adjustment.

Great photos eh?!