Monday, June 30, 2008

And another little party for all of AnnaLeisa's adult friends

So Sunday morning I invited many of my friends who were at AnnaLeisa's welcoming to come for her birthday. All of her aunties and uncles who have loved her in so many ways. She knows each of them intimately and she sees them often. We love what each of you brings to our life. AnnaLeisa firstly played with her Dora Car and then we were outside again. Coffee and watermelon.

It is not complete to finish our birthday postings without remembering and acknowledging all of AnnaLeisa's China birth family. I was in bed at night with great gratitude and of course with much poignancy.

Birthday Party!

AnnaLeisa had a wonderful birthday.... and I think I can do the birthday Mom thing?! It all came together when the weather was 28 degrees and a little pool for the 4 Three year olds was a success. We decorated little chocolate cupcakes and all in just played and chatted with the parents. For all that AnnaLeisa knew of birthdays I am sure we could have had very little and she would have been happy but the celebration and the "making of special" was important. There were no major meltdowns or problems with sharing ... just three children playing and playing... as they should.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

AnnaLeisa's Third Birthday week end......

AnnaLeisa's birthday events started at Daycare where the party happened with all her friends at snack time. It was so fun to see her excitement and most of it was about the candles. Not just blowing them out by herself but also licking the bottom too!!!
After daycare everyday AnnaLeisa wants to "run in the field". Here you can see her long legs as she truly grows and grows in so many ways.