Sunday, October 01, 2006

China bound.

I am now packing... and packing and then some. AnnaLeisa I meet you a week tomorrow on Thanksgiving day. I am now washing the dogs, washing your linen for your crib, clearing space for Gramma's clothes (she is staying for 2 weeks here in Edmonton) and getting sooo many hugs from everyone who wishes us well. Dear heart when I think of the changes you will experience I am packing only to make that all easier for you. It is big honey! New food, new smells, new language; and a big change in the way of relating. And as much as I am excited and preparing you are living your life as before. Do you hear my heartbeat....? The thread is about to draw closer.

I leave on Tues the 3rd of Oct and fly to Vancouver to see Sean, Sarah and of course Laurie. Then Gramma flies from Nova Scotia to meet me in Vancouver. Her and I then jaunt to Hong Kong to get over jetlag and shop for you. Maybe in Kowloon? On Sun Grampa and cousin Colin arrive to have a quick supper and then a lesson in how to use the DVD for the next day when we meet you. Darling Darling ... I am practising lullabies... singing in my heart to you. Little diddies and soft soothing songs for you to settle.
Are you waking up now. Is the orphanage also preparing? A faster beat of anticipation. Tender touches to you my dear all along a moonbeam.


Mommy-To-Channing said...

YEAH!!! Oh Karla that is so exciting that you will have your DAUGHTER in your arms in a WEEK!! I was surpirsed to see you leave so soon. I'm sooo happy for you. Are you going to be blogging while your in China? I'll keep checking!! Anyways safe travels and have fun!! When do you arrive home?

Truly Blessed said...


What poetry. What a beautiful journey you're about to take. God bless you and your daughter.

Safe travels!

Kelly in Michigan (aka "notallboysanymore")

Zizi said...

Dear Karla,
Hope you'll read this in china.... who knows
We are back home and i'm anticipating seeing you again. The two of you i should say!
I'll drop lines every now and then. Your blog looks great.

Big kiss ~ with you

Kristine and Shawn said...

I am reading this the day before Thanksgiving here, so the 9th there and you will now have become a family. We are thinking of you both and sending warm thoughts that you both will transition well. Safe travels!!!

lars said...

Hi Karla.

I have had you both in my thoughts this Sunday evening - sending you warm support. Gretchen was keen to hear any news too.

See you soon.

P.S Lola is doing really well.

Zizi said...

Dear Karla and AnnaLeisa,
If everything went according to plan you two are now together!
We are thinking of you - much warmest love.