Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A lazy day in Guangzhou....

Seems I have finally figured out my blog while here... could not locate my username and password as I linked it at home! Details seem so important now. Thanks for all the notes!

AnnaLeisa is beside me now sound asleep in a very very vibrant green stroller. We just walked the pearl river wall in the heat of noon and she loved the cobblestones bumping her.

We had a rough night as she cried for 2 1/2 hours ....inconsolable and I could see I was not quite doing what was familier. I can imagine her waking in the night to such strangeness.. even A/C. So I had to bounce and walk and eventually she fell asleep on my chest. Was not having the crib dispite 2 nights of sleeping in it. She is exposed to so much right now and it is rightfully overwhelming. At first glance or attemtp to master anything or to be exposed to anything she is frustrated but quickly moves to mastery. She is now pulling everything down from everywhere and walking all around the room. She is a delight. Shocking how much they change every day. Everyone in the group is fairing well and I must say Yulin from our Agency is marvelous.... could not imagine this without her.

Mom Dad and Colin went to a group breakfast and then to a city tour of Guangzhou. I wanted us to be quiet and to just have an easy day. It was nice to walk.

Colin helped me all night and is learning much fast.... AnnaLeisa is ticklish and giggles outloud when he plays with her... which he truly enjoys. The girls here are noticing my handsome newphew....He is also my coffee runner.

Again much love and if I can this evening I will post photos... if not wonderfully sleeping. We may have more luck in Beijing and we go there tomorrow. Cannot believe how fast this is all going....too fast really.

Again all my love and then some from us both...
my goodness she is perfect.
Karla and AnnaLeisa
Mom Dad and Colin


Catherine said...

Thank you for the update Karla! So glad to hear that AnnaLeisa is beginning to adjust to all the changes in her little life.

Praying for you and she as you become a family.

Blessings, Catherine

gsonic said...

Glad to hear from you Karla. So much newness- to both you and AnnaLeisa. I hope you are sleeping better now- don't get sick!
Glad Colin is helping out a bit, as you can imagine I am missing him terribly. I'm guessing he is pretty busy and can't find a computer anywhere!!
We are just sucking up the messages you send, hanging on every word and wishing so much we were also there with you. Sounds like you have a very bright little girl on your hands.
Take care, enjoy Beijing, and get some sleep.
Love Diana

praveeta said...

Dearest karla,
so happy to read your posts and know you have her in your arms ( and ears and hairs and everything else ) now. We love you both and can't wait to see you !
We'll drink a extra cup of sleepy time for you tonight ...

much love,
praveeta and ali

Kristine and Shawn said...

We have been checking daily and so glad to hear that all is well. You now have each other and what a wonderful/scary time this is for you both. Looking forward to reading more of your lifestory together.

chinamah said...

Dear Karla and AnnaLeisa
We're excited to hear your news and wonder at how your first days together remind me of our own. So glad to know that you have found each other. Now you've the rest of time to get to know each other and grow together. What good fortune we all have. We're eager to see you both. You'll need to sleep soon Karla. We'll play with the baby while you nap when you come home. That was what I needed most when I arrived home...a bit of nap time to recover my strength. The baby's energy was undaunted through it all!!! Still is!
Sending our love and hugs and kisses, Janice and Bao (who was happy all about your meeting with AnnaLeisa)....