Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Easter Bunnies

We have been gently reminded that we have not posted in awhile and so I take heed! I really do not know how many people read of our lives but I am touched by those who mention they follow our life and love.

We have been full on! And full in terms of life is so good!

Let us begin with Easter and then repost....We woke to dogs barking and then shadows hopping on our lawn. Dark coats with while pijamas underneath? They hopped about and planted eggs all over our snowy lawn. They then entered the house to AnnaLeisa's delight and gave her a basket with a stuffed bunny... then they hunted...... and hunted and they found treasures of only a bunny kind.....
such such fun! Thanks guys....!

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Monica said...

What pure childhood magic. If AnnaLeisa doesn't have actual memories of this wonderful morning, she'll have the type of hazy, beautiful memories which are built on photographs and rich stories. I love this post - thank you for sharing!