Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Noodle Noodle Again - visits with China Friends

Our travel group included four families from Alberta...we managed to coordinate ourselves and to traverse through a downtown marathon race to meet at the Noodle Noodle for a scrumptous Dim Sum. It was so great to see everyone and especially the 4 girls after 6 months living with their families. They had enough room to play with big sisters and brothers and to also be photographed with 2 of the dads.

AnnaLeisa in true form devoured much and immediately started to use the chopsticks on her noodles.

I feel it is important for AnnaLeisa to stay connected to her peer "sisters" and also to her homeland China. It may not always be easy but it is one of my priorities. And then one day she will have more to say for herself in this regard and I will honor her choices ......

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Monica said...

What a wonderful reunion! Like you, I view it as a priority to stay in touch with our travel-mates and create opportunities for the kids to see each other. Way to go for making it a reality in the busy lives everybody leads!