Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Noah is our little friend who often comes to play with AnnaLeisa. As you can see they are good mates and in looks quite opposite. AnnaLeisa often speaks of Noah and comments regularly on his Momma who is now almost 9 months pregant. She somehow knew she had a baby inside and wants it to "wake". She often touches little baby in the belly in a quiet and reverent way so as to be very touching. Come by when you can Noah ... we love to have you play with us! Here they are watching and cuddling to Thomas the Tank; AnnaLeisa's favorite as we drive by trains daily and she chants "Choo Choo".


Beth said...

That's just precious, pics to show them when they are grown! I have to comment on Noah's awesome hair. You just want to feel a handful of that:)

Donna Bazinet said...

Hey Karla

Kim told me about AnnaLeisa and sent me your blog. She is absolutely gorgeous!!
Congratulations and enjoy, it goes by soooo fast.

Donna (Moulton) Bazinet

PackMule said...

Hi Karla,
We have been reading & enjoying your blog and following AnnaLeisa's journey since the beginning. We met your Dad at the dentist office last week, so I thought we should say hello! :-) You have a beautiful daughter!

-Apollonia (Mom to 3)