Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Uncle Gary Came to Visit!

And we had a great time just hanging and playing and all that goes along with being family. Gary has three teenage boys so he is great at entertaining and being with the little ones. I think he misses it actually. Until we came downstairs and woke him at unearthly hours! He did enjoy being with a little girl though as you can see it may be his first time holding a doll? Can't quite get over the look of surprise on his face. And what about the little swimmer. Gary's boys are competitive swimmers in Nova Scotia so this is a shot of AnnaLeisa proudly wearing Gary's swim goggles. She looks sooo funny being one of the family. Your cousins will be suitably proud dear girl. Now if only you weren't so afraid of the water.


Monica said...

That goggles pic is priceless!

Beth said...

I think the goggles shot is one of my all-time favourites Karla. So much character in that one picture.