Friday, September 28, 2007

Our New Do!

Gosh we have fun at Daycare! I arrived to take AnnaLeisa home and imagine my surprise when I saw that back of her head in this wild do! They said it matched her personality. I agree... they actually mentioned that she can be so happy you can see every cell is popping. Here she is at home counting her fingers as we have it now scripted in terms of her day. One is Daycare, then Bye, Play Play Play, Back (me) and then Home. She has me recite this quite frequently and you can see here she is palming a plum instead of one of her precious finds - stones. And of course her thumb.


Monica said...

Okay, that do is adorable! Definitely a very happy look! It sounds like AnnaLeisa's daycare providers have already come to know her very well.

Your pics are wonderful - I love how she's counting her fingers!

Beth said...

So sweet, I've always thought she has the most serene face! Glad to hear she seems to have come to terms with the daycare issue. I'm sure your heart is lighter because of that.