Sunday, September 09, 2007

I cannot believe we have not posted for so long ! Whoops.... and we are great..... As you can see.
I posted the photo of AnnaLeisa's long hair as we laughed and laughed to see it so long. She has gorgeous hair and I have only cut the bangs thus far and think maybe we may need to reconsider that soon?
In any event I am now back at work. AnnaLeisa is enjoying daycare and is somewhat the class goof or clown already. She knows all her little friends by name and she loves to eat there too. She still cries when I leave but I listen outside of the door and she stops before I count to 5. And she loves loves loves to come home.
I on the otherhand did not consider the aspect that work would now be a factor in my time. Our home is sadly needing cleaning and also the dogs had to adjust to our being away.
But we are well..... and these last two days have been of us not driving the car. Walking the dogs in the ravine. Walking slowly enough for AnnaLeisa to contemplate each stone and to palm them with such tenderness. And to just be together..... I have loved it.
Some of these shots are also in Chinatown of Edmonton. Eating noodles and remembering China from last October.
I love being with AnnaLeisa ... she is genuinely happy and often I hear her singing off by herself or watch her dancing and shaking her little butt to her own beat. I am as happy as I have ever known and now feel confident that our post China adjustment has really occurred.
Now to get an evening of Tango in as I miss my little dance.


Norma said...

You both look so happy! AnnaLeisa sure is growing up! Thanks for sharing!

Monica said...

So glad to hear that the post-China adjustment is complete and daycare adjustment is going well.

Through your eloquent writing, your happiness and joy are palpable. Thank you for remembering to update us on your joy, as well as everyday life.

My vote is to to keep AnnaLeisa's hair long (except for the bangs)! She truly does have beautiful hair.

zizi said...

Dearest Karla - browsing yuor blog to keep in touch - that is sweet - i miss you... great pictures. I am realising it is almost a year since you met - oct 9? I won't be in town then but i will be there for her homecoming anniversary.... oct 20?Hope to see you this weekend... kisses