Saturday, July 28, 2007

I am 2 - Two!!!! Our first birthday together!

Yes AnnaLeisa is now two..... and it was nice to be here in NS sharing it with those that came to China -family. I made a cake and felt like a mother; and had such a nice time baking it for her. And she had ice cream for the first time. She loved it and of course learned quite quickly how to say it. What a treat in the summer heat of day and to watch her little tongue sway back and forth trying to catch the little drips. Amazing to watch a child's world open and to see the 'in the moment' delight with such simple little things. It means I get to enter that simplicity too and to catch moments that really life is for. I am reminded frequently by other parents to enjoy this time as it passes so quickly and I do hope that I catch all those moments that I can. To really share her years.


Monica said...

Happy Belated Birthday to AnnaLeisa! With a beautiful cake like that and all your family around her, I'm sure she had an incredible day.

And a special "yay!" for you, Karla, to share AnnaLeisa's birthday with her for the first time!

Beth said...

Congratulations AnnaLeisa. And you too Karla, I had forgotten this would be your first one together. The cake was so cute. The only problem is you set a precedent...I did the same with Helena (except for the first one) and now you have to try to think of something every year:) I have fun doing it though. Loved all the seaside pics too.