Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Nova Scotia seas

It seems that to capture our time in Nova Scotia we will do a number of entries. Despite poor weather for a significant period of time we did manage to have nice play days at the beaches. Our seas here are wonderfully loud and full and complete with sand dunes, seagulls, big waves and time with sand castles and pails and shovels. AnnaLeisa became braver daily and really showed me how careful and adventurous she is! Her Chinese middle name 'Jin' means careful and cautious. She truly knows her limits and I get to respect them. She now knows how to say 'beach', 'happy' and the most common one these days is 'mine'. She adores her G'ma and G'pa and their home will be quiet when we leave on Tues. I think with the weather in Edmonton we were best here in the cooler temps, and in the basement bedroom, as the heat clearly is hard on AnnaLeisa's sleeping.
We had a wonderful time in the East being together while I was on the end tail of my parental leave. When we return to our little house and dogs we both start work - so to speak. I return to part time and AnnaLeisa has another adjustment as she enters the big world of daycare. It is time but I must say this period of being together has been soooo wonderful. I have always thought the art of parenting is to let go graciously at the right times and I now get to know how hard that can be...... I will miss my little side kick.

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