Sunday, August 05, 2007

More of the eastern seas and souls

Because we are still betwixt and between in terms of being in Edmonton but still somewhat remaining in the East I wanted to post some more photos. Specifically of Uncle Daryl and Aunt Julie who traveled from the States to come and see AnnaLeisa. It was great to play with them again. To wander through G'ma's and G'pa's house and at every corner meet another family member willing to play and entertain and to love. Whoooo did AnnaLeisa get loved. And it was so wonderful to have us all at home and to revel in that time. What to say about airplanes and travel and opportunity. My littlel girl is certainly well traveled and it brings us so much closer to all we love. Thank you everyone for a wonderful holiday in the East.

Ohhh and there is Colin ...... our China companion who is now lifeguarding with his brother Derek and who are both busy busy busy. They are young men and spent rousing time with AnnaLeisa.


Beth said...

That photo of her on the rocks is enchanting - you'll have to blow that one up for sure.

Norma said...

AnnaLeisa is really growing and changing. What a cutie! and I am sure a great joy to you.

myheartbeatsinChina said...

HI From NJ,
I just love your blog, and what beautiful photos of your family!
You are blessed, thanks for making me smile today!