Monday, September 04, 2006

Your quilting aunties!

These are some of your quilting aunties...!
Rochelle and I thought ages ago it would be nice for you to have a quilt with fabrics from all of the family and friends who are part of your life. We thought the love in the fabrics would be nice for you to feel. So people sent fabrics from far and wide. And soooo many colors.
Then we found out it is a tradition in China for the village women to hand stitch quilts for newborns. And then we found out that the adoptive community also makes what is called a "hundred good wishes quilt" for adoptive children. Everyone sending good wishes! So a year ago we started! This picture is of Praveeta, Zizi, Marina and Gretchen hand stitching the hearts with red thread. Rochelle is the quilter extra -ordinaire ... you have yet to meet her in the photos.

We had a lovely evening.... weaving you into the fabric of our lives.... each one with a little special flare or stitch. Each auntie will bring you different treasures of the heart... different gifts.

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