Sunday, September 17, 2006

AnnaLeisa's "Welcoming"

Look at the beautiful Cake from Auntie Praveeta and the cookies ... both with hearts for you!
Auntie Gretchen hosted a party in your honor... One where we all came together and shared a loving space for you to enter.....
We all quietly mingled and said your name. Wait until you meet each one as they are unique and special.
All of our friends came together and bought us a DVD camcorder! That is for you so you can look back and see yourself and enjoy many images growing up! Firstly we will film when we meet for the first time while we are in China. (P.S. Very very soon)
Gretchen also organized for everyone to paint their own special wooden heart to go an a larger heart shape and then it will be hung in your bedroom.... they were wonderfully unique hearts and I can tell you who made each one!
It was a wonderful kind, loving and embracing. We are a lucky duet my dear. The power of the combined heart is only magical. And here is your picture in the center of it all!

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Mommy-To-Channing said...

Sounds like a beautiful party!!! Such neat ideas!! WOW....a DVD camcorder....what a great gift!! I'm sure you will use it lots & lots!!! I WANT ONE!!!
Have you heard of your travel dates???