Saturday, August 19, 2006

Anna Leisa

I so love connecting with you this way! My heart sings with writing to you and imagining you hear my words in your heart..
It is thundering now and always this will connect me to you. In that place where thunder rocks you in the chest with deep reverberations; a chesty song that roars with life.
I have your name now.... Anna Leisa Lei Jin Fu Sonnichsen. We will call you "Leisa" with the memory of thunder in your world.
I love you dear ... and in these days I also miss you!

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Mommy-To-Channing said...

Oh karla that is so beautiful. I tried to email my auntie Leissa to find out what her name means, but she has been on holidays, so havent heard back from her yet.
Isnt it hard to make a final decision on a name...took me forever to decide on Channing, but now that I have made it official I feel it is perfect even though I havent seen her face yet.
Congrats on naming Leisa....LOVE IT!!