Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nova Scotia Christmas with Family

Here we are in Nova Scotia with all of our family. My brother Daryl and his wife Julie flew in from Pennsylvania to meet AnnaLeisa and we all spent a wonderful Christmas together with my parents and with Colin's brothers. It was all a big hit as AnnaLeisa entertained us all with her antics and in the moment wonder. She certainly has a large spirit and capacity for laughter and for love.
Here are the two of us on Christmas day and it is our first. She loved the balls on the tree and all of the teddy bears around the house and in various boxes she opened. Especially the one made by her cousins Colin, Derek and Brett as it says "I love you" when you squeeze the little paw. Roughhousing with her adolescent male cousins is also a big hit and all in all I think all the love she received is settling deeply into her little body.
Christmas and family... can't go wrong. Wishing everyone a good season and a peaceful New Year. May your dreams come true as mine has!

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