Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am learning all about Christmas!

My goodness life has been full for me... today I met Santa... did not go near him but did see him from afar. Red is what I remember! I stuck close to Mom just to be sure. And then that big bag full of toys, books and stuffed animals. I could not get enough out of it. I put everything back in it too. Just wanted to touch everything.
And the food ... well I could not sign to my Mom fast enough to try all those goodies. "More, more, more" I kept signing. Good thing she listens.
And then there was the dancing. Three of us little ones entertained all the adults with our moves. It looks as though I have a little heart for the arts as I keep noticing music, dance, artwork and just all around have pretty good taste.
That was the party, as for other news. Mom plunked me in the crib finally. And now I can sleep. I did not like it at first but she stayed close, touched and talked to me. She also keeps that nice Celtic lullaby on so that I can sing a bit. It is not bad and I do not keep trying to get hugs all night now. That was fun!
So talk to you soon.
time for bed - says Mom.


Monica said...

Hi Karla,

Thanks so much for the note you left on my blog. I've been following your blog for some time now - I should have left a message before!

AnnaLeisa is such a darling. It looks like everything is going very well for you.

Paul and I have wanted to attend the latest IAFA events but we've had a scheduling conflict each time! I don't consider us very busy people so it's odd that the timing hasn't worked out for us! Anyway, at least through our blogs we'll be able to stay in touch. Take care.


Luisa said...


AnnaLeisa is too cute! I'm so glad she is sleeping in the crib. That's great progress! By the way, have you been on the Canadians Adopting from China site lately? Looks like the rules are changing and singles will no longer be able to adopt as of May 2007. I'm SO glad you were able to adopt AnnaLeisa before the rules became stricter. You are blessed!

Your friend,
Luisa (missing you guys lots)