Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our First Christmas at Home has been Magical

We have been enjoying our very very simple season with G'ma and G'pa and it has been so perfect. Quiet and magical with AnnaLeisa's innocence at this time of year. We have been skating and on horse drawn wagon rides; we have sat with Santa and watched string quartets play carols and we have opened our first stocking on Christmas morn. All AnnaLeisa could say was "came, Santa came" with total incredulity; she was in magic and miracle. So we are happy in our little home. Quiet in the snow with little movement to Malls and the like. Seems it should be a tradition to just keep it simple. Quiet and very restful. Thanks to G'ma and G'pa for those delicious lie -ins in the morning.


Monica said...

Merry Christmas, Karla and AnnaLeisa! That Ukelele (or guitar?) is too cool! It looks like AnnaLeisa thinks so too.

It sounds like it was a very peaceful and joyous holiday for you. See you in the new year!

Beth said...

Your holiday sounded perfect for the four of you. I love the last pic with her instrument. Blessings in the New Year.

Beth said...

Not sure why 1997 got in there. I do know what year it is, some techno glitch!!

Anonymous said...

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