Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007 at the Noodle Noodle Dim Sum

For the last two years I have attended the Chinese New Year event at the Noodle Noodle restaurant dreaming.....! I loved seeing the girls and meeting all the parents but it was all in anticipation of meeting my own daughter. Well this Chinese New Year was soooo full for me ..... AnnaLeisa and I were there together and I was beaming with love and joy. To have her home and with all of the other little girls was rich. She had a great time eating Chinese Dim Sum and sat next to her orphanage friend in a high chair. (They lived together at Leizhou and probably played together). At one point we looked over and they were holding hands.
It was nice to see old friends and to encourage and support those waiting.
The Dragon did dance into the restaurant with very very loud drums and that frightened AnnaLeisa so we missed the parade and made our way home for a needed nap. Satiated and full on many levels.


Monica said...

Karla, that is so wonderful. Paul and I look forward to attending Chinese New Year with our daughter as well ... this year's was a bit too soon after we arrived home from China.

I love the photo of you two together - it's a look of absolute bliss.

Norma said...

I was at my first CNY celebration this year - alone :( ! Congratulations on the newest Canadian citizen!!